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what is deepshit?
problem that worsens if we close our eyes.

why we are truly in the deepshit?
because it is estimated that there are at least 27 million people in the world are slaves
men, women, children forced to work extremely long hours in totally inhuman condition, paid no money, locked away and controlled by violence... living in a condition that cannot be possibly imagine

the chocolate that you eat
the clothes that you wear
the coffee that you drink
the toys you buy

you can pay them "cheaply" thanks to them

all around us, largerly invisible...
because child slavery wide spread more that you have ever imagined
and no! you & me cannot imagine what it means to be a 9 years old child work 14 hours a day in a dim, airless room...
because child prostitution is truly sick & repugnant fact that... no words can explain...

child slavery…

war child…

anak jalanan

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